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About The Measurement Standard

The Measurement Standard is the newsletter of public relations measurement, evaluation, and research. We are sponsored and published by CARMA, a provider of global media intelligence solutions.

The Measurement Standard is dedicated to the idea that data-based decisions should be used to improve business communications. We promote proper measurement and evaluation in order to help PR pros do their jobs better, to help organizations communicate better, and to help the measurement industry prosper. We encourage careers in communications measurement by providing inspirational case studies and role models for young PR practitioners. The Measurement Standard recognizes that proper measurement is more than a best practice: it is a path to greater pride, respect, and professionalism for individual practitioners and for the industry at large.

The Measurement Standard welcomes articles on communications measurement, evaluation, and research, see our Guest Post Guidelines.

The Editor of The Measurement Standard is Bill Paarlberg, with editorial assistance from Jennifer Zingsheim Phillips and Jordan Gosselin. The Measurement Standard was founded in 2002 by Bill Paarlberg, Katie Paine, and Olivier Gaudissart.

CARMA helps clients make better business decisions. CARMA is a new generation of global media intelligence provider, offering a fresh approach and the experience of many years’ leadership in mature markets. With over 100 consultants and analysts in Europe, MENA (Middle East/North Africa), and the U.S., it offers seamless vertical integration from data collection to engagement, plus enhanced ability to deliver insight and recommendations.