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Stat of the Month: Poll Measuring Public Perception of Facebook

It’s no secret that Facebook has suffered from reputation issues in the last year. In the wake of the 2016 US Presidential election, Facebook received a lot of criticism from news outlets and users for its promotion of fake news.

In April of last year, Tavis McGinn, a former Google employee, applied for a job with Facebook. Although he intended to work in market research, Facebook tasked him with a far more specific job, conducting ongoing poll research to track the perception of CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

McGinn only lasted six months on the job. During that time, he tracked a variety of questions related to Zuckerberg and his relationship with the public, including people’s feelings about his speeches, interviews, and posts to his own Facebook account.

According to an interview with The Verge, McGinn explained that he left the company “after coming to believe that Facebook had a negative effect on the world.” Following his short tenure at Facebook, he founded his own market research firm, Honest Data.

In January of this year, he published results from a poll he conducted about Facebook’s perception. The poll asked 2,000 Americans to review a list of companies and assess the ones which “are having a negative impact on society.” The results can be found below.

“Which of the following companies, if any, are having a negative impact on society? (select all that apply)”

  • Survey I: multiple industries
    • Marlboro: 43%
    • Facebook: 27%
    • McDonald’s: 21%
    • Wal-Mart: 18%
    • Coca-Cola: 16%
    • None of the above: 36%
  • Survey II: only tech companies
    • Facebook: 32%
    • Twitter: 27%
    • Google: 7%
    • Netflix: 6%
    • LinkedIn: 4%
    • None of the above: 53%
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