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Spotlight on Evaluation: A Measurement Month Preview

Every time I schedule a meeting or a post for publication, I am baffled that we’re already well into August. As of writing this, we’re less than four weeks from Labor Day in the US, effectively the last day of summer (it pains me to write those words).

With the end of summer, however, comes an exciting time for PR and communication professionals. AMEC’s annual Measurement Month will take place once again in September.

What is Measurement Month? 

AMEC, the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication, describes the event as, “a global program of activities to shine the spotlight on the importance of PR measurement.”

Each week will be dedicated to measurement events in different regions. The month kicks off with Europe as the focus of the first week, followed by the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Middle East and Global chronologically.

The month-long schedule of events aims to connect the understanding of the importance of PR measurement with the knowledge to launch campaigns to measure PR.

This mission is satisfied with a variety of in-person and digital events, including webinars, podcasts, Twitter chats, and workshops. The majority of the events are free and open to anyone, regardless of region.

In addition to attending events, AMEC members are encouraged to host events. Professionals can apply to host an event by filling out the event submission form, available on their website, and sending it to

Why is this important?

Communicators produce events, webinars, and blog posts throughout the year to highlight the importance of measurement, but during Measurement Month, industry leaders dedicate an entire month to programming designed to inform and enhance measurement activities.

This month gives measurement experts and novices alike free access to information that can facilitate stronger knowledge to create measurement plans and produce better advocates for using metrics proven to produce more valuable insight.

To stay up-to-date on events taking place throughout the month, or to add your own posts to the conversation, follow #AMECmm on social media or visit their website.

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