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Your Communications Measurement Reading List for April 2017


There are so many recent articles to read about communications measurement. We’ve looked at most of them, and here are the good ones:

Invasion of the PR Body Snatchers

The ultimate Turing Test? Algorithms are rapidly replacing PR jobs, and lots of people don’t notice the difference.

Banner Ads Pulled: Who Cares?


Fake News

Content Marketing

For Your Next Cocktail Party

  • Uber drivers are the new lab rats. From The New York Times comes “How Uber Uses Psychological Tricks to Push Its Drivers’ Buttons,” an animated and interactive examination of Uber’s “…extraordinary behind-the-scenes experiment in behavioral science to manipulate [drivers] in the service of its corporate growth. …Employing hundreds of social scientists and data scientists, Uber has experimented with video game techniques, graphics and non-cash rewards of little value that can prod drivers into working longer and harder…”

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Bill Paarlberg

Bill Paarlberg

Bill Paarlberg, Editor of The Measurement Standard, has been writing about public relations measurement for 20 years. He is editor of the award-winning "Measuring the Networked Nonprofit" by Beth Kanter and Katie Paine, and editor of two other books on measurement by Katie Paine, "Measure What Matters" and "Measuring Public Relationships." Visit Bill Paarlberg's page on LinkedIn.
Bill Paarlberg

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