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Top Ten Public Relations Research Insights of 2016


The Institute for Public Relations, and specifically Sarab Kochhar, its Director of Research, curated this review of important public relations research results from last year. The IPR “…chose these 10 studies based on their methodological rigor and relevance to the profession… [including] research ranging from technological innovation and business transformations to the effect of political content on social media users.” The chart above shows the results of Thomson Reuters’ study of diversity and inclusion.

The infographic over to the right sums up the main points, (click on it to see it bigger). For details of the procedure and results of the individual studies, see the slideshow below:


Sarab Kochhar

Sarab Kochhar

Sarab Kochhar, Ph.D., is Director of Research at the Institute for Public Relations, and Associate Director of Measurement and Analytics at APCO Worldwide.
Sarab Kochhar

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