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By KRC Research—We’re endlessly fascinated by how people meet their significant others. Sometimes a couple’s love story is classically romantic, and other times the most unlikely of circumstances leads to a lifetime of love. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, there’s no better time to recognize and celebrate relationship origin stories that led to successful marriages. This month’s KRC PulsePoll findings reveal trends in how married couples met and what they initially thought of each other:

  • They’re just not that into you—at first. Twenty-one percent of married Millennials admit at the start of their relationship they didn’t think their current partner was their type. That’s 11 percent more than Boomers.
  • Find The One when you least expect it. Over one in three (35 percent) married adults report meeting their significant other when they least expected it.
  • Love at first swipe. With the increased popularity of online dating, nearly 1 in 5 (18 percent) Millennials are thanking online dating sites for digitally introducing them to their spouse. Bonus! Here the percentages of adults who met their spouse online, broken down by generation:
    • Eighteen percent of Millennials (~18-34 year-olds)
    • Fourteen percent of Generation Xers (~35-52 year-olds)
    • Five percent of Boomers (~53-71 year-olds)
    • Seven percent Silent (~72-93 year-olds)
  • Making the first move. Seventy percent of men say they were the one to pursue their significant other at first, while only 24 percent of women say the same.

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KRC Research

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