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Poll of the Month: Social Media Platforms and How We Use Them


The Measurement Standard’s Poll of the Month is supplied by KRC Research’s PulsePoll.

As technology continues to expand its reach, the number of active smartphone users has increased. As a result, more adults are using sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn than ever before, making it critical to understand how these users interact with the social media platforms. Today, major social media networks are utilized for more than just keeping up with friends and family; they offer an all-in-one outlet that connects users to entertainment features, news stories, information sources, opinion leaders, etc., digitally at your fingertips. This month’s KRC PulsePoll findings uncover social networking user trends and behaviors:

  • Adults today are happy they grew up in a world without social media. Over 3 in 4 (76%) adults report that they are happy social media wasn’t around when they were kids. With growing behavioral problems like dependency and distraction in platform users, it is no surprise adults today feel they were better off without.
  • Parents turn to Facebook for a quick news fix. Raising children doesn’t leave parents much room to do things for themselves, like have a cup of coffee and watch the news. This may indicate why half of parents (50%) report turning to Facebook to get the news, but only one-third (32%) of non-parents do.
  • Women get personal on Facebook. One in 2 (50%) women report they use Facebook to express their personal opinions. Female Facebook users are 12% more likely to be expressive of personal views and opinions on the social media site than their more reserved male counterparts.
  • Millennials are more unfiltered online than in person. Nearly 1 in 4 (23%) Millennials admit that they say things on social media that they would never say in real life. This makes Millennials the generation most likely to be more candid on social media than they are in reality.

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