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August 01, 2012

KDPaine & Partners Joins News Group International


The Paine of Measurement: Thinking Internationally

This issue of The Measurement Standard was supposed to be “The International Issue” – playing off the European AMEC Measurement Summit. But as we know, good news doesn’t wait, and with all the standards announcements we pretty much covered the Summit.  

If anything, we have even more global news to talk about. As of August 1st, KDPaine & Partners is part of Salience Insight, the measurement and insight division of News Group International. In the world of international measurement, Mazen Nawahi, CEO of News Group, has scored an Olympic gold, bringing together KDPaine & Partners, Report International, and News Group's Dubai-based measurement group, Salience Research.

We've heard from you that you want our help tearing down the silos that have plagued measurement for years. This new global organization not only crosses geographical boundaries, but will break down barriers between social and traditional media; between measurement of outputs and outcomes; between qualitative and quantitative metrics; between marketing & PR; between internal and external communications. Finally, in one company, you'll have access to all the metrics and insight you need to understand and demonstrate the value you bring to your organization.

The new company will deliver greatly expanded capabilities that include:

  • Vertical integration from data collection to engagement
  • Ability to deliver insight & recommendations (not just more data)
  • Standard-setting knowledge of research & measurement methodologies
  • Ability to integrate social, traditional, & marketing metrics into a single platform
  • Extensive knowledge & capabilities in data collection
  • Local cultural and geographic expertise across all continents 

Our headquarters will remain in Berlin, New Hampshire, and I will remain chairman of KDPaine & Partners, as well as assuming a new role of Chief Marketing Officer for News Group International. We'll be introducing new members of our team in the next few months, as well as a new look and feel to our technology. And we will continue to bring you The Measurement Standard newsletter to keep you up to date on social media measurement and public relations measurement. I will continue as Publisher, and Bill Paarlberg will continue as Editor.

We hope you'll be as excited about this merger as we are.

We know that your communications environment is increasingly integrated, global and complex. So please get in touch. We'd love to talk with you about our new capabilities and how the new KDPaine & Partners can give you the measurement answers you need.

Faithfully yours,


Katie Delahaye Paine
Publisher, The Measurement Standard
Chairman, KDPaine & Partners, Inc.
Chief Marketing Officer, News Group International





August 03, 2012

How thrilling! Congratulations to you, Katie, and to the rest of KDPaine & Partners! I look forward to watching the evolution and to the research and insights this news will bring.

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