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Call for Delahaye Alumni Notes

Calling all Delahaysians!

Delahaysians with Al Gore 250The Delahaye Group was founded in 1986 and for 15 years was an innovator in public relations and social media measurement. Roughly 80 people were employees of that firm at one time or another, and many of them have gone on to found their own companies, lead other companies or research divisions, and, overall, do great things in measurement and life in general.

Katie Delahaye Paine founded The Delahaye Group, and then, ten years ago, founded KDPaine & Partners, the company that puts out this newsletter. As part of KDPaine & Partners’ 10th anniversary celebration we are checking in with those back-in-the-day employees of The Delahaye Group to see what they are up to.

So, if you were employed in any fashion at all by The Delahaye Group, we invite you to submit brief updates of about 100 words. What are you doing now? Where has your life taken you since The Delahaye Group? Please let us know. Just click here and dash off a quick email. Photos of you and the kids on vacation are also welcome.


And, just to get things started, here is Lisa Binzel (an 11-year Delahaye employee, who ended up a VP) and her husband Bill enjoying an afternoon in Napa Valley. She writes:

“Check your alumni records… I may be the only one of Katie’s employees that married a client!  I was *that* committed to client service!  J 

Attached is a photo of our recent trip to Napa Valley.  Weekend excursions to Napa became the hallmark of my quarterly trips to Silicon Valley when I was with Delahaye. After a week of presentations to the likes of Epson, Cisco, Intuit and others … I needed a break!”
Thank you Lisa. We look forward to hearing from many more Delahaysians. –WTP


 Bill Paarlberg is editor of  The Measurement Standard blog and newsletter, and of Katie Paine's book “Measure What Matters.” He is also editor of the book “Measuring the Networked Nonprofit,” by Beth Kanter and Katie Paine, which will be published this year by Wiley. The Measurement Standard is a publication of KDPaine & Partners, a company that delivers custom research to measure brand image, public relationships, and engagement.
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Bill Paarlberg
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Bill Paarlberg

Bill Paarlberg co-founded The Measurement Standard in 2002 and was its editor until July 2017. He also edits The Measurement Advisor newsletter. He is editor of the award-winning "Measuring the Networked Nonprofit" by Beth Kanter and Katie Paine, and editor of two other books on measurement by Katie Paine, "Measure What Matters" and "Measuring Public Relationships." Visit Bill Paarlberg's page on LinkedIn.
Bill Paarlberg
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