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April 06, 2010


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I love how you explained this, Katie, though as far as me being your peer, knock my socks off a little more, won't you?! Cor blimey, as I'm willing to wager Richard would say.

Avinash had a really great post evaluating some of the different Twitter "measurement" services, and thank you for adding to it. No matter how funky these services seem, when I look at some of the numbers, I know they just don't make sense (I mean, since when have I had more clout than you, as Twitalyzer would have us believe?!). Which leads me to my next point...

What worries me the most is when I hear people using absolute measures, e.g. number of followers, number of retweets, etc., without any context WHATSOEVER, because, really, what does that mean? If it ain't in context, it don't mean nuttin'. So thank you for setting us straight... again.


thanks! and I totally agree. it's what you do with these metrics that count. I think as a very simple way to determine if someone if worth paying attention to or if its safe to ignore.

Bill Paarlberg

The article on paid Twitter search (coming soon from TweetUp) in today's NYTimes ( http://tinyurl.com/ycj25go ) says it will use Klout ( http://klout.com/ ) to measure Twitter influence. Any experience with Klout?

Barb Chamberlain

This is pretty much what I've been doing with measurement of the @WSUSpokane account I manage. Figuring it's all relative, not absolute, I just look at the trendlines. As long as we're getting better at "it"--whatever "it" is in each system's secret sauce--we're doing something right.

I also measure click-through rate on links we share. The average number of clicks per follower is increasing even as our follower count goes up, which says to me that we're attracting followers who find our content increasingly relevant. Those must be the "right" followers.

I'd like some good ways of doing a quick analysis on our followers, since I have goals for attracting specific types related to the primary focus of our programs and campus overall (people in our region; accounts with a heavy health care/health sciences emphasis; accounts with a design emphasis).

Any analysis of those kinds of tools forthcoming? http://twitterexport.com/ lets you export either friends or followers into a spreadsheet so you can do some manipulation there.


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